Ormus Rich Sea Salts

 Top Sea Salts For Ormus Minerals

 Dead Sea Salt

 Great Salt Lake Sea Salt

 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

 Korean Bay Sea Salt

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 Korean Sea Salt

 Organic Gray Sea Salt

 Red Sea Salt

Salt Crystals

  Looking for Other Ormus Rich Sea Salts

Ormus Minerals Sea Salts


Our Sea Salts come from around the world. We continue to look into other sources to check for their quality of ORMUS. 

Question - Ormus Rich Sea Salts

 If you find any other  great sources for ORMUS Minerals, please email me and we may include them into this ORUMS Salt recipe.

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 Mineral Rich Ormus Salts Combinations

 Do you want to make your own Ormus Minerals?

We have searched for salt from around the world and brought together a combination of salt that will give you some very rich Ormus minerals with the wet method precipitate.

Available Now!

 Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt



 Dead Sea Salt



 Organic Certified Grey Sea Salt



 Great Salt Lake Salt


 Utah, USA

 Korean Sea Salt


 South Korea

 Korean Bay Forshore Salt


 SW Coast Korea

 Red Sea Salt






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 1 lb of Salts

$5.99 per lb


 5 lbs of Salts

$4.99 per lb



 10 lbs of Salts

 $3.99 per lb



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