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  • Food Grade Lye Sources
    Food Grade Lye Sources Here is a great place for Food Grade Lye to use in the ormus minerals process. Sodium-Hydroxide-Lye-Food-Grade Would mix this with Distilled water at a 1 part lye to 8 parts water.
  • Bottles for Ormus Minerals

Some of the top salts for Ormus extraction is Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Osmosis - The Principal of Metabolism
Osmosis, the transfer of liquids from one cell to another, is managed by the salt concentration in the cells. The liquid in a cell always moves from a cell with a lower salt concentration (energy potential) to a cell with a higher salt concentration (energy potential).

The body always strives to balance the amount of salt (energy) concentration so that the energy is transmitted equally throughout the body.

Sources for Salt


To learn more on Salts

SALTS combinations
I made another awesome batch of dead sea/Himalayan pink ORMUS (75/25 ratio

Ormus Choices
DS salt
DS Salt and Himalayan salt combos
Himalayan salt

Sea Water
Sea Water and DS Salt
Sea water and Himalayan Salt
Sea Water and DS and Himalayan Salt

Plus combinations with fulvic acid and Humas

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Sea Salts 1 Sea Salts 2

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